Fabrication Photos

These are a collection of photographs from projects I fabricated & painted.

AAU Spring Show Runner Up Award 2019, Rudy's Bar

Tree & Rock Texture Project, 2018

Cemetary Set, 2017

Diagon Alley Commission, 2020

Scale Arts & Crafts Movement influenced Rocking Chair, 2020

Scale Crates and Oranges, Apples, 2020

Alice in Wonderland Door, fabricated w/ Basswood, 2020

Scale Door Commissions, 2017

Scale Farm Kitchen Table, 2020

Scale Aged Bookcase w/ scale books, 2020

Scale Beetlejuice Attic Door fabricated out of foam, 2020

Sweeney Todd Barber Shop Door, fabricated out of foam, 2020

Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman Head, clay, 2020